Review : Chin Chin Labs in Camden Lock Market

Chin chin labs is undeniably one of the coolest places in Camden, sorry for the lousy pun, but there really is no other way of describing it. When you first walk inside you feel as though you have stepped into the laboratory of a mad scientist, which in a way – you have.

Allow me to explain, Chin chin labs is “Europe’s First Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream Parlour”, which basically means that their ice cream is the best we have ever tasted, and we have tasted a LOT of ice cream. They mix it in front of you, and you watch as Ahrash the mad scientist explains exactly why this is the smoothest, tastiest ice cream in all of London.


We recommend tasting whatever the special of the week is, with past specials having included Pancakes and maple syrup, Marshmallow Teacake, Apple Pie and the most amazing dandelion and burdock sorbet concoction, and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy then you can always opt for Vanilla or Chocolate. Once the ice cream has been made and scooped, you then get to choose a topping and a sauce, including delights such as salted caramel sauce, popping candy, burnt white chocolate and caramelised pecans.

Where : London, Camden, 49-50 Camden Lock Place, NW1 8AF

Conclusion : Best Ice-cream EVAAAAA

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