Review : Camden Market Ala Turko Kebabs

There are few things better about living in Camden than strolling over to the market to grab something to eat. However, you do have to make sure you don’t fall into the tourist trap of the hundreds of Chinese stands pumping out stale, mass produced food that will leave you unsatisfied and hungry.

Head instead over to the West Yard in Camden Lock Market, where all the best food is hidden. In amongst these stalls lies the mini-food paradise that is Ala Turko Kebabs.

I can honestly say that all the food they offer on this stand is delicious, all of it. The chicken is tender and juicy, the lamb is succulent and the Doner Kebabs are to die for. The bread is homemade, and if you head over on the weekend and plump for a ‘Gozleme’, the bread is made in front of your eyes. Pretty cool, huh?

Plus, as if you needed any extra incentive, the guys who run the stall are super friendly.

Where : West Yard, Camden Lock Market, Camden

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  1. 5 years ago

    That looks awesome!


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