The Sausage Roll Laboratory at the Collective Launch Party

Les Greedy Cochons were recently asked to help cater the launch party for the Camden-based creative hub Collective.

We of course jumped at the chance and got thinking about what we could prepare. We settled quite quickly on the idea of sausage rolls (a great favourite of Mr. Greedy Cochon), but of course they had to be something a bit special. We weren’t about to whip up your hum-drum, mass produced, boring old sausage rolls. Oh no! These were going to be based on English classics, from Scotch Eggs to Stilton, we wanted it all.Presenting – The Sausage Roll Laboratory, five different types of sausage rolls for your epicurean pleasure.

Check out our pictures below and some snaps of the event itself, including a peek at the delicious canapés prepared by our joint caterers Dirty Apron (more on those lovely ladies at a later date).

Above is our trusty timer that made sure that none of the sausage rolls got burnt, and below is the logo that we came up with for the Laboratory.






Above are the very tasty Dirty Apron canapés and below is the makeshift cocktail bar by The Shop, who were serving up some delicious and rather strong concoctions in jam jars.






Later on there was a fashion show for the Collective-based clothing brand Love Mayka, featuring dancers from the Royal Ballet, a fantastic idea and a great twist on the traditional catwalk.


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