Review: Honest Burgers Camden Lock Market

We invited our good friend Simon to come and join us and help review Camden’s brand spanking new branch of Honest Burgers situated in the Lock Market Camden. Check out what he made of this foodie adventure.

When much-loved burger joint Honest Burgers announced the opening of their Camden branch (lock Market), I had an inkling that it would only be a matter of time until it would catch the attention of my Camden-based, burger-loving friends Les Greedy Cochons. And I didn’t have to wait for long until I found a message in my inbox from His Foodie Highness Mr. Greedy Cochon himself, asking me to join him for a review of the latest burger joint in the London burger scene/craze.

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Appropriately hungry (I had skipped lunch in anticipation) and keen for some burgers, we descended upon Honest’s Burgers Camden branch on a sunny Saturday evening. Having been to Honest’s Soho branch I was expecting queues, but we were pleasantly surprised – we were seated right away.

Honest Burger Camden menu is simple and straightforward – choose from a chicken, beef or a veggie burger, with the beef burger coming in three variations. It didn’t take long for us to settle on Honest’s namesake beef burger – the Honest Burger – which came with lovely, sweet onion relish, crispy bacon and mature cheddar. Mr. Greedy Cochon had ordered the beef medium, I went for medium rare. Unfortunately many burger joints don’t do rare, which is my preference – and when ordering medium rare, some places tend to put too much of an emphasis on the “medium”.

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But not so at Honest Burgers – the burgers arrived exactly as ordered and we tucked right in. Our taste buds were slightly disappointed at the lack of a sauce, but as we ate our way through the burger, it became apparent that this was not due to a lack of thought, yet much rather a deliberate and brilliant decision with produce a simple – well, honest – burger without any clutter, where the patty and bun were the stars of the show. Undoubtedly the co-stars were the perfectly sized rosemary salted chips. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the joy and bliss those divine chips bring over you. Indeed, I would go as far as to say that your taste buds haven’t experienced the true meaning of taste until you’ve introduced them to these chips. Together with the burger, they made a food heaven we didn’t want to leave anytime soon.

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Honest Burger Camden Town Food Review 10

For two Honest Burgers, one sparkling water and an ale the damage came to an even £24, which by for a meal of this quality is more than a fair price.

So, if honest burgers and standard-setting chips sound like your type of thing and you’re looking to get something decent into your stomach before embarking on a night out in Camden, Honest Burgers has a branch (or three) for you.

Thank you Simon! 

Where: London, Camden, Camden Lock market,Unit 34a, NW 8AF
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