Review: Pizza East Kentish Town, Camden

Here at Greedy HQ we hate Pizza East Kentish Town, Camden.

Why? Simple.

Before eating at Pizza East, pizza was a tasty dish. Simple, sure, but tasty. After making the terrible decision to try Pizza East’s pizzas our lives completely changed. What we had previously thought of as a ‘good pizza’ was now just ok, bordering on boring and sometimes even tasteless. All thanks to the doughy, cheesy, gooey deliciousness that is Pizza East. Thanks guys…

We went to Pizza East on a nice Saturday evening, blissfully unaware that our lives were about to change. To start with the place has a great atmosphere, with a sharp industrial decor – think exposed pipes and subway tiles – and hunks of dried meat hanging from the ceiling, not forgetting of course the proper wood fire oven in which the pizzas are cooked.

Pizza East Kentish Town Camden Food Review 001 Pizza East Kentish Town Camden Food Review 002

Once settled in we decided to order some coppa (Italian dried meat) and some garlic bread, along with a bottle of red wine bien sur, and we weren’t disappointed. The meat was delicious and the bread was seriously garlicky (that’s totally a word).

We choose our pizzas from the well-thought out and slightly quirky menu, Miss Greedy Cochon plumping for the classic Buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil pizza (£8) and Mr Greedy Cochon going for the Salami, tomato and mozzarella pizza (£12).

Pizza East Kentish Town Camden Food Review 004

Pizza East Kentish Town Camden Food Review 003

Around ten minutes later our pizzas arrived, looking and smelling amazing. Needless to say, they were really very good. Well balanced, full of flavour, and the crust! My oh my the crust! We’re used to seeing people leave it behind, unloved and forgotten, but not at Pizza East.

I don’t know how they make such a perfect dough, it might be because of the pizzaiolo who work the dough like it’s a precious product, it might be because of their great oven, or maybe, just maybe it’s a secret recipe from a different world… Maybe not.

So if you want to eat amazing pizza and have a nice evening out, then Pizza East will be the perfect place for you. But be warned, after trying their pizza other pizzas will never taste as good ever again!

Where: 53-79 Highgate Road, Camden, NW5 1TL


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