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Camden ‘C/159′ on Camden High Street

Let’s start by explaining just what C/159 is. It’s run by the Camden Collective (who already provide free office space in Camden for entrepreneurs) and it contains a range of short and long term pop-up shops.

Oh, and it’s on Camden High Street. 159 Camden High Street as it happens.

Step inside and you find a great bunch of people who care about their products and their brand. If you are eager to find something original and well thought out then head to C/159. You will find products like screen-printed t-shirts, Italian shoes, vintage clothes, furniture and more.

Now let’s talk about what we know. Food.

There are three cool places to eat and drink in the Camden Collective 159:

collective camden 2collective camden 3

1 – Healthy and tasty food by Christabel @ Camden C/159

Nestled at the back on 159, away from the hustle and bustle of the High Street sits Christabel’s. Healthy treats like miso soup, hot quinoa and rye bread squares are all on offer, plus daily specials like baked egg in avocado.

We plumped for a hot quinoa with roasted beetroot, feta and pine nuts served with kale and a selection of three rye bread squares including ‘smoked salmon, lemon and honey’ and ‘artichoke, truffle oil and prosciutto’.

Everything was great but I have to say, the quinoa was seriously delicious. The hot/cold, crunchy/soft contrasts and the salty kick of the feta make it the perfect lunchtime treat.

Christabel – the person this time not the place – is lovely and clearly has a passion for good food and experimenting with new recipes. Another great touch is that everything “bar the walls” is for sale from the chair you are sitting on to the plates you eat from, (hand-painted by Christabel herself).

Christabel's Camden Collective menu1Christabel's Camden Collective Cooking

Christabel's Camden Collective SauceQuinoa Christabel's Camden Collective 159

Quinoa Christabel's Camden Collective 159 2

Christabel's Camden Collective Furniture

Head over to her website if you want see more of her creations:

2 – Unique sweet treats by Brookes and Jones @ Camden C/159

At Brookes and Jones, cake is a serious business. Don’t go into the Camden Collective 159 if you are on diet because you will not be able to leave the market before trying her sweet treats. What we love about her baking skills it’s not only the high quality of her products but also the creativity behind each concoction. You will find such delights as green tea & white chocolate cake and peanut butter & salted pretzel brownie pies.

And of course, having been so healthy with our main meals, we allowed ourselves a rather large serving of both.

Diet-be-damned, this is a must-visit if you are in Camden.

Brookes and Jones Camden CollectiveBrookes and Jones Camden Collective 159 Brownie

Brookes and Jones Camden Collective CakeCamden Collective Market

Here is the website if you want to learn more about the baker behind Brookes and Jones:

3 – A coffee to knock your socks off by Black Sheep Coffee @ C/159

The guys behind Black Sheep Coffee clearly know what they’re doing. This is a coffee to bring you back from the dead. One cup of this delightful, double-caffeinated mixture and you will feel like a new person. Why not take the weight of your feet and bag the prime people-watching table by the window, cake and coffee in hand?

You can also buy bags of coffee for the home, so you never have to mix your Black Sheep caffeine fix again.

black sheep coffee camden collective 1Black Sheep Coffee Camden Collective 159

Head to their website if you want to learn more about these passionate people or if you want to buy some coffee direct online.


Where: C/159, 159 Camden High Street, London

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