Review: Spring Supperclub at the Colonel Fawcett, Camden

Here at Greedy HQ we love watching the season change, so we were naturally excited when Winter finally gave way to Spring. It marks the arrival of blossom, ducklings, chocolate eggs and possibly a few al fresco dinners.

Oh, and the epic Colonel Fawcett Spring supperclub.

We sadly missed the last two seasonal supperclubs, so when we saw that tickets were on sale for the third, we snapped them up and started counting down the days.

The doors to the upstairs function room opened at 7pm, but with the food starting over an hour later at 8:15pm we decided to hold off until around 7:30pm before arriving. We were shown to our table by a very friendly waiter and offered a complimentary G&T (William Chase no less) to sip on while we waited.

colonel fawcett supper club review camden2

This also gave us time to refresh our memories on the menu. An incredible 7 course meal made with fresh seasonal produce, featuring ingredients like asparagus, rhubarb, morels, lamb, and even snails.

The first course arrived just as our bellies started to rumble, a beautifully presented and perfectly balanced dish of confit salted pollock with wild garlic. It was a lovely dish and a very good sign of things to come – and things only got better from there.

Each course was delicious and the combinations were very clever, like how a mouthful of the seafood dish started with the delicate grapefruit sorbet and finished with the salty bite of the scallops.

It’s obvious that head chef Andrew Evans and his team are passionate about what they do and at Greedy HQ, we love a bit of foodie passion. In fact, we love it so much that we’ve signed up for all future supperclubs. We’re only sad that they’re aren’t more seasons in the year.

Oh and did we mention that it only costs £45 per head? For seven courses. Bargain.

Congratulations to Team Fawcett for delivering a great night of delicious food and impeccable service, and don’t forget to reserve two seats for the Greedy Cochons for your next event, here’s to the summer edition!

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