Review: Suda Thai in Covent Garden

Last Friday, Mr. Greedy and I ventured out of Camden and straight into central London for some Thai food.

Suda Thai in Covent Garden has been open since 2011 and it’ super central, but tucked away as it is in the beautiful but hidden St.Martin’s courtyard, we’d never been before. So of course when we were invited to come down and give it a whirl we grabbed and the chance.

It’s a big ol’ restaurant, but the tables are nice and spaced out so it doesn’t feel cramped or overly busy.

We were seated at our table and promptly served two delicious cocktails, the signature Suda passion and the Butterfly Kiss. Not only were they very tasty, but also coming in at around £7.50 per cocktail they were very affordable for central London.

Next up came a plethora of starters – thai crackers with satay sauce, pandan-wrapped seabass, crab and chicken fire crackers and duck rolls. Everything was delicious but the sea bass was particularly scrumptious, fluffy and light and a must for any fish lover.

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For our mains we went for dealer’s choice, letting the super friendly manager who was serving us pick out his favourite dishes. What we got did not disappoint.

First up was the Pad Thai, think prawns with glass noodles and oodles of peanuts sauce, coming in at a very respectable £11.50. We greedily gobbled up the whole bowl and moved on to the next dish – beautifully well cooked and perfectly seasoned lamb chops. They were nice and pink on the inside and crispy on the outside, served with a dipping sauce and a Thai salad that had quite the kick.

Our third dish was perhaps our least favourite, but by no means a bad dish in itself, just not particularly remarkable – salmon served with chilli paste fried rice. The rice was good, but the salmon in itself wasn’t hugely seasoned. Compared to the fragrant and seasoned dishes that it followed, it just didn’t feel very ‘Thai‘.

We washed all this down with Thai wine, the white is definitely worth trying, the red not so much, not that it’s a bad wine, it’s just not really a good wine.

suda thai covent garden review lamb chops pad thai goong suda thai restaurant review covent garden salmon and chilli rice suda thai restaurant covent garden suda thai restaurant covent garden dessert sticky rice

To round off the meal we plumped for two types of ‘sticky rice’. One with mango and coconut sauce and the other with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream. Of course we realise that not everyone likes rice as a dessert but us Greedies love it and finished both plates with pleasure.

We finished with coffees that we had Thai-style (served with condensed milk) and some Chinese tea before heading out for a nighttime stroll along the Thames.

suda thai restaurant covent garden condensed milk coffee

All in all, if you’re looking for somewhere to go in central London with a chilled out vibe and delicious food all for a decent price then we highly recommend you try out Suda Thai.

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